Vision Statement:

    Using well proven principles and ethical business practices, we will solve technical problems for our clients and society.

Mission Statements:

    The owners, managers, and employees of RTE Technologies, Inc. will set Sky High Objectives, and use Well Founded Strategies, as we:

    • Operate our business in an ethical and legal manner, treating our employees, clients, consultants, and suppliers in the same ways we would like to be treated. We believe treating others fairly will create sufficient profit for everyone’s satisfaction.
    • Look beyond the automatic, or typical, objectives.  We want to Aim for the Stars and avoid myopia or tunnel vision.
    • Use Rock Solid Principles to achieve our objectives.  Innovation is a preferable paradigm, but its promise must be proven using practical principles.
    • Gather information relative to our tasks. Digest and condense the information, synergistically combining our skills and efforts with fellow employees, clients, technology, and suppliers. Produce a final solution which is optimal for fertile results.
    • Continuously improve.  We believe that the only acceptable alternative to decay is improvement.
    •  Keep our priorities in order. Our relationship to: God, Ourselves and Our Spouses, Our Families, Our Country, Company, Career, & Community; Our Leisure, Our Possessions.

    When we follow these Mission Statements we expect stellar results while we utilize:

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