The staff at RTE Technologies, Inc. has designed and/or modified structures for offices, schools, hospitals, residences both single family and multi-family, apartments, water treatment plants, long span structures (arenas), sports facilities (stadiums), high rise multi-use buildings, parking garages, restaurants, government buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, park shelters, visitor centers, antenna structures, metal building foundations, bulk material storage and handling facilities, gaming facilities, river front structures, bridges, postal service buildings, pavements, hotels, temporary structures, mezzanines, materials handling structures, swimming pools, gymnasiums, amusement ride support structures, sculpture support structures, museums, performance halls, theaters, churches, synagogues, cathedrals, nursing homes, domed structures, banks, retail shops, compressor foundations, excavation shoring, power plants, electronic assembly “clean” rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, memorial centers and gardens, large scale scoreboards, and even a six foot by ten foot instrumentation shed for a railroad yard!

In addition, our staff consults frequently with several contractors to perform “construction engineering” at a variety of construction sites.  Services include, tower crane foundations, equipment repairs, special tool and support designs, problem resolution and repair consulting, excavation shoring, curtain wall support design, peer and/or constructability reviews, forming and shoring design and review, heavy equipment support design, value engineering consultation, materials and construction methods consultation, and finally, forensic engineering.

Special inspections, rebar shop drawing production, materials stress analysis, review of rigging loads for traveling music shows, and expert witness consulting and testimony are performed on a limited basis, and complete our description of our engineering experience.


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